Vegetable Soup in Red Wine Sauce

This recipe was found on Big Oven. I used a parsnip instead of a turnip, which turned out to not be very tasty. We’re working on a big bottle of Carlo Rossi Burgundy and this seemed like a good idea. I also didn’t use the shallots in the recipe. They suggested adding the flour to brown the vegetables, which turned out to be a bad idea. The flour burned to the bottom of the pan. Next time, I’ll add this with the red wine or after more liquid is added.


Slow Cooked Venison Potato Stew

This is a great recipe! I found it from Slow and Simple . I used a good amount of venison (over 2 pounds, thanks to my brother) and plenty of potatoes to fill up the crock. I used a cup and a half of red wine (bought a large bottle of Carlo Rossi Burgundy for cooking). Instead of using beef broth, I used a cube of beef bouillon. I added a healthy amount of Worcestershire Sauce. I pre-mixed the flour (Carol’s Sorghum Blend from 1,000 Gluten Free Recipes) with the spices before adding to the mix. Since we were in a rush, I started the recipe on high and then turned it to low and then warm as we waited for our company to arrive. I added a good amount of mushrooms about 30 minutes to an hour before the stew was done cooking.