Marinated Kabobs

Kabobs and Champlain Sunset 015

The warm weather is here! In the interest of keeping the apartment cool, grilling is a great alternative. Getting a jump start on the marinade is the trick. A vacuum sealer can shorten the time needed for infusion of flavor. Since a fancy sealer isn’t in our bag of tricks yet, I tried and get an early start. I slightly changed the recipe by using less soy sauce, because we ran out, olive oil for veggie oil, Dijon mustard in a squeeze bottle and no meat tenderizer. I skewered the meats by type and the veggies separately to account for different cooking times, putting on the veggies on about halfway through cooking the meat.

Being limited for time, I used our little portable gas grill on medium heat. Before grilling, I prepared some white rice with a vegetable bouillon cube and a couple bay leaves. Next time, I’ll try out our charcoal grill and be sure to wipe an olive oil soaked paper towel over the grill for some nice grill marks. Happy outdoor cooking!

Kabobs and Champlain Sunset 020


Rice and Beans

It can’t be glamorous every night and we don’t have the budget to go all out on every meal. A package of black beans from Cost Co and some veggies made tonight’s “Red Beans and Rice.” I got the inspiration from the link, but made some alterations.

  • Instead of ham, I used leftover, frozen chicken from a slow cooked whole chicken.
  • I used brown rice instead of white rice.
  • I put one can of beans in the saucepan with juice
  • I added chopped veggies (except the peppers, which I like crunchy – they go in at the end)
  • I added 1 cup of water
  • Pinch of terragon
  • Douse of thyme
  • Bit of poultry seasoning
  • Dash of ground mustard

I boiled the above concoction for 30 minutes to match up with the brown rice.

Served with a salad and some rice milk to make a tasty, affordable treat!