Kohlrabi Potato Soup

Now that I (Sarah, that is) have a bit more free time, I hope to add a bit more regularly to this blog and to spend a little more time practicing photography.  Here’s a great dish that Rabi recently made.  Now that our garden has wrapped up for the year, we are left with hardy and root vegetables, such as kohlrabi and potatoes.  Rabi found a recipe for Kohlrabi Potato Soup, and this is a great, tasty way to use kohlrabi, especially if you are sick of eating it raw or in stir-frys.  The original recipe can be found here, and the only difference that Rabi made was that he used our red potatoes from the garden and didn’t peel them.  Our version of the soup turned out much lighter in color, but we’re not sure why. I strongly suggest that you definitely make use of the toppings – they are a nice balance to the rooty soup.

Kohlrabi Potato Soup


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