Tilapia with Sauteed Leeks

This recipe was an inspiration from a concoction posted on Running to the Kitchen. Instead of using chicken breasts, we used tilapia filets. Tilapia is indicated as a sustainable choice in the supermarket, as long as it is farmed. Little did I know, this also depends on where it was harvested. Safeway sells Tilapia farmed in China, which is listed to be avoided by Monteray Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. Enough of the heavy stuff, let’s get to the photos. Be sure to check out the first link for the recipe.

The final product

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About Rabi

I have gluten sensitivity (different than an allergy, or Celiac Disease) and lactose intolerance. I am constantly learning new cooking techniques and love to cook and bake. My goal is to combine sustainable, ethically grown and raised food into recipes that are visually appealing, healthy and repeatable by visitors to the blog. Thanks for reading!

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